What Makes Great Pedagogy?

Posted November 22, 2016

The final presentations of the NCTL project: “What makes Great Pedagogy?” took place on Friday 19th September. Teachers from Denbigh School and Shenley Brook End had worked together to improve engagement (leading to improved outcomes) by supporting students’ literacy skills. Denbigh teachers, Anthony Steed and Jane Whitaker, had explored this theme by developing the use of writing frames and paragraph structures to help students structure their work in written examinations and to write more effective answers by tightly linking them to assessment criteria. At Shenley Brook End, Rachel Small and Kerry Thompson had developed a paired reading scheme for Year 7 students. Sixth form students were trained to listen to  year 7 students reading, developing confidence, fluency in reading aloud and comprehension. Both schemes showed that students made increased progress as a consequence of the interventions.


Click on the links below to see the final presentations

What Makes great pedagogy and great professional development final report

What makes great pedagogy research case studies

Closing the Gap: Test and Learn


As part of this NCTL randomised control test, Shenley Brook End teacher, Emma Cotgrove, had researched the impact of the Growth Mindsets intervention from the perspective of students in her school. Details of the intervention and its benefits are described in the presentation, “Growth Mindsets”.





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