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Tuesday 22nd April 2014



9.00am - 3.00pm


£160 per participant

£96 Impact Award


2 weeks prior to course start date


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Technicians at all stages of their careers continue to broaden the role they perform. This role has started to include supporting teachers and students directly with practical work, for example assisting teachers with individuals in class practical’s, demonstrations or helping students with project work. This course has been developed for technicians who are interested in exploring the possibilities of undertaking this role. The course includes sessions on what makes good practical work, working effectively with teachers and students, assisting with practical project work, managing small group work and individuals with practical activities.


Participants will be able to:·


- Describe, evaluate and apply effective strategies for working with teachers and students in practical work


- Work towards implementing the new skills and knowledge acquired on the course


- Continue to build confidence in working with teachers, students and practical activities

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Technicians Supporting Practical Work in the Classroom

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