Programming and Computational Thinking: A starting point for primary teachers


FORMAT: Full day


Denbigh School

Burchard Crescent

Shenley Church End

Milton Keynes MK5 6EX



Thursday 20th November 2014



£185 per participant






2 weeks prior to start date

Refreshments provided

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On this course you will develop knowledge and skills to help you teach the new

Computing curriculum, due to become mandatory in 2014. You will learn how to

adapt and extend activities currently undertaken in both KS1 and KS2 to embrace

the new requirements.


You will find out how familiar activities involving simple sequencing work in digital

storytelling, floor robots and other programming‐like acitvities can be used to

support the new curriculum, and you will explore activities away from the computer

which illustrate important aspects of “computational thinking”, with games and

problem solving as key drivers. Throughout the day you will be encouraged to make

links to other areas of the curriculum including the core areas of English and



This course is aimed at: ICT subject co‐ordinators, KS2 teachers, Heads/Deputies

responsible for curriculum.


The course has been developed as part of a collaboration between the Science

Learning Centre at Bayfordbury, and the University of Hertfordshire’s School of

Education and School of Computer Science. It will be led by Mike Platt from the UH

School of Education.


The course will give you a better understanding of the proposed new

curriculum in Computing.


You will be able to:

• Use appropriate computing terminology (e.g. algorithm, program, sequence,

selection, repetition).

• Develop an understanding of progression in teaching computing concepts.

• Link computing to other areas of the curriculum.

• Use a variety of resources and generate new ideas and activiies to engage

children in computing

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