Day 1 & Day 2

Northampton School for Boys

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Day 1 - Monday 10th March 2014

Day 2 - Friday 14th March 2014


£370 per participant

Impact Award £222





4 Full days - attendance on all 4 days is essential to qualify for Impact Award

Denbigh School

Burchard Crescent

Shenley Church End

Milton Keynes MK5 6EX




Day 3 Friday 25th April 2014

Day 4 Monday 2nd June 2014

£370 per participant

Impact Award £185




9.00am - 3.00pm


2 weeks prior to course start date


Refreshments Provided

Day 3 & Day 4

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This course is suitable for teachers who are relatively inexperienced in teaching physics, or those looking to extend their skills and update their strategies. It will focus on developing your understanding of key physics principles and the skills and strategies needed to teach physics effectively at 11-16 years. The use of stimulating practical activities and demonstrations will be explored, along with ICT-based resources.


You will be able to:·


- Increase your understanding of physics topics at 11-16


- Become more confident and competent in your teaching of physics at 11-16


- Develop an understanding of common student misconceptions and how these can be addressed


- Employ the effective use of scientific models relevant to the teaching of physics


- Rehearse opportunities for practical work and the use of ICT-based activities·


- Teach the mathematical aspects of physics with greater confidence


Days 1 and 2

Themes covered: Diagnostic questioning; The use of models; Using ICT and Simulations; Mathematical and graphical challenges involved in the teaching and learning of physics
Subject Content and Teaching Areas Covered: Forces; Electricity; Energy


Days 3 and 4

Subject Content and Teaching Areas Covered: Earth, Space, Stars and Astronomy; Waves, Sound and Light; Radioactivity and Medical Physics; Electricity II, Magnetism, Electtromagnetism, Induction, Motors and Transformers; Forces II: Momentum, Collisions and Circular Motion

Course Details

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Physics for Non-Specialists

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