FORMAT: Full day

Denbigh School
Burchard Crescent
Shenley Church End
Milton Keynes MK5 6EX


DATE: Friday 10th October 2014

TIMES: 9.00am-3.00pm

FEES: £200 per participant

2 weeks prior to start date


Refreshments provided



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“Narrative Frameworking” is an outstanding new methodology for teaching pupils to significantly improve their writing. Creative writing can prove incredibly difficult for many students, and for some it remains a huge barrier to success. This extraordinary course offers a unique solution through a range of strategies to help motivate, inspire and re-educate children to write effectively and creatively.

This practical course will engage teachers with a range of outstanding methods for securing superbly planned and written pieces of extended writing from learners of all abilities. Highly interactive and participatory, this activity-based course will focus on lesson content that is instantly applicable to your lessons, allowing you to improve pupil skill and confidence in writing the very next day.

The course aims to:
- Demonstrate an incredibly effective and proven approach to improving extended writing and literacy
- Show how narrative frameworking has enabled students to write their own books!
- Demonstrate these ideas through hands-on training techniques that will truly inspire you!
- Embed inspirational strategies into extended writing teaching to ensure all learners are catered for
- Illustrate outstanding techniques for improving student writing through effective feedback
- Leave you with a solid understanding of narrative frameworking so you can utilise it most effectively

Session 1: Narrative Frameworking Explained
The fundamental principles of classroom literacy. Step one: narrative frameworking using a poem. Adding vocabulary and sophistication, Step two: narrative frameworking using a short text.

Session 2: Focusing on the Specifics of Classroom Writing
Writing effective and realistic dialogue. Embedding the literacy so pupils can become literary. Highly effective feedback for literacy. Proven strategies of successful classroom writing.

Session 3: Narrative Frameworking: Writing a Book!
Top tips for improving extended writing. Editing, self-marking, peer marking and constantly improving. Putting it all together. Embedding effective practice to enhance writing skills in the long-term future.

Course Details

Narrative Frameworking: Promoting Literacy with Creative Writing (Primary)

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