FORMAT: Full day


Denbigh School
Burchard Crescent
Shenley Church End
Milton Keynes MK5 6EX



Thursday 25th September 2014


TIMES: 9.00pm‐3.00pm


£160 per participant


1 week prior to start date
Refreshments provided

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The concept of ‘mindset’ is based on the work of esteemed psychologist, Carol Dweck, who found that those with a ‘growth mindset’ are those who understand that abilities and talents are improved through effort, and that they are more successful and willing to work hard at things they find difficult. This workshop considers practical strategies that can be applied in the classroom to foster a growth mindset and build resilient learners. Participants share their own ideas as well as exploring strategies that are proven to foster a growth mindset.


This workshop is delivered by Potential Plus UK, a national organisation with over 47 years’ experience in the field of ‘gifted and talented’; however, the ideas and strategies can be applied to all levels of ability.

You will be able to:
• Develop your understanding of ‘growth’ and ‘fixed’ mindsets
• Explore the impact of ‘growth mindset’ on pupil atiainment
• Apply practical strategies to your lesson or subject
• Differentiate reward systems and marking schemes for effort and
• Understand how to encourage pupils to develop self‐regulation skills that aid
a ‘growth’ mindset
• Model your own ‘growth’ mindset to your pupils

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Growth Mindset -Practical Classroom Strategies

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