Dave Bundy

Dave has vast experience as a classroom teacher and member of SLT in a large comprehensive school.


In his teaching career has acted as professional tutor to over 120 NQTs who have all been successful. He is an experienced and skilled practitioner who considers that teaching is a craft that can be developed and honed to meet changing circumstances. By selecting the appropriate range of strategies it is possible to develop the curiosity of students to engage in active and effective learning that will stick. Dave has led a professional learning programme that has been implemented in a number of schools to encourage teachers as learners in developing their pedagogy.


To encourage sustainability, Dave has developed a range of middle leaders and colleagues in their third year of teaching to make a contribution to the professional learning programme in their own school and move their teaching to outstanding.

Dave works with a number of ITT institutions and presents on a variety of subjects specialising in classroom management and the use of AFL strategies to enhance learning.





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