FORMAT: 6 x two hour sessions


Denbigh School
Burchard Crescent
Shenley Church End
Milton Keynes MK5 6EX


DATES: To be arranged


TIMES: 4.00– 6.00pm


£690 per participant or a total school package price on negotiation.


Refreshments provided


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Denbigh Teaching School Alliance is proud to facilitate Jariram’s bespoke coaching programme which develops and deepens the skills of delegates to be able to lead a team towards outstanding, by using tried and tested coaching methodology in a way which suits your teaching and learning context.

This is a programme rooted in practical experience, with the right mix of activity and theory, in combination, which will allow delegates to develop a secure understanding of coaching techniques and when to use them and when not to. Delegates, through this mix of practical activity and theory, are guided through the process from contracting to measuring a coaching impact. Coaching skills are explicitly unpicked and analysed for your context and educational setting. We will explore the continuum that is mentoring through to Coaching, to determine which is right in any given situation.

Coaching to Outstanding has been designed to build or develop a coaching culture within a school, as a mechanism for rapid and sustained school improvement, towards outstanding. It is hoped that delegates will, after the course, continue to coach each other and more importantly use their skills in their areas of responsibility to drive the organization forward.

This programme has been specifically designed by the very successful team that brought you OTP, ITP and Outstanding Leadership in Education (OLÉ) and is suitable for both Primary and Secondary Leaders. Building on this nationwide success, the C2O is the next logical step for any Leaders who have already experienced one of the above programmes, or any organisations that are ready to develop a sustainable school improvement culture fuelled by teaching and learning coaching conversations.


This course will be facilitated by Andy Squires, Deputy Headteacher and Director of Teaching School for the Denbigh Teaching School Alliance. He is an experienced facilitator of the OTP and OLE programmes and has been working at senior leadership level in large successful secondary schools for the last 12 years. His co-facilitator is Helen Brown, Assistant Headteacher and also an experienced OTP facilitator.

The programme:

- This is a programme designed to run over 6 weeks for 2 hours per session (this
can be arranged flexibly to suit the school’s circumstances).

- Delegates are asked to undertake activities between sessions to maximize their

The programme can be also be based in your school to suit your particular needs.





Course Details

Coaching to Outstanding (C20)

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