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Denbigh School
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Monday 29th September 2014




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Evidence suggests students on free school meals (FSM) do not achieve the same outcomes as their peers. Be they boys or girls, FSM pupils tend to underachieve throughout their school career. The various initiatives that have been heralded as “transformational” over the years clearly haven’t worked. This course looks at where schools go wrong and examines the strategies and habits of the country’s most successful schools.

Throughout the day, we’ll take a bottom-up approach; from bread and butter teaching strategies through to teacher expectations, whole school policy and the role of middle and senior leadership. This course is about classroom ethos, teacher vision, long-term planning and how this translates into nuts and bolts daily teaching and comes with a strong evidence base. The course is for classroom teachers as well as middle and senior leaders looking to close the gap.

This course aims to:
- Cut through jargon and the political correctness
- Strip away the pseudoscience that misinforms and holds teachers back
- Focus on the key issues that must be addressed at classroom and leadership level
- Tackle low expectations and excuse culture in the classroom and across the school
- Look at the nitty-gritty of the classroom and where time is wasted
- Encourage a rethink of ‘good practice’ and a renewed focus on evidence-based practice


Course Outline
- What the Evidence Says
- Sorting the wheat from the chaff
- Exposing what isn’t evidence-based
- Identifying the high impact strategies
- Focusing on the priorities

Course Details

Closing the Attainment Gap with the Pupil Premium Programme (Secondary)

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