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Denbigh School
Burchard Crescent
Shenley Church End
Milton Keynes MK5 6EX


Tuesday 15th October 2014




£45 per participant


2 weeks prior to start date


Refreshments provided





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This workshop uses evidence from the EPPI Centre (part of the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of London) as a basis to explore the strategies that are proven to benefit the learning of gifted and talented pupils. It considers how schools can improve outcomes by using strategies such as differentiation, collaborative learning, risk-taking and self-regulation. The session is suitable for teachers and team leaders in the secondary phase.

This workshop is led by Potential Plus UK, a national organisation with over 47 years’ experience in the field of ‘gifted and talented’.

Potential Plus UK prefers the term ‘high learning potential’, as this better describes the process of developing abilities and nurturing traits.

Course Details

Classroom Strategies for Gifted and Talented Learners Secondary

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