Claire Frost

The Radcliffe School

Clare is an Advanced  Skills Teacher  at The Radcliffe School and has worked as an AST for ten years ( with  seventeen years of practice). She received a Global Millennium Teachers award in 2000 before  working  as part of the London Challenge Team  (2001 - 2004) and then the National Challenge Team ( 2004 – 2008).  She achieved  Chartered London Teacher Status in 2007. She was nominated for Teacher of the Year in 2011.


In addition to working as an AST at The Radcliffe School, Clare is also the school’s Personal Health Social Economic  Education (PHSEE) Community Cohesion and International Partnerships Lead.


Clare has engaged in a variety of different teaching and learning projects, some of which have focused on History teaching more recently they have centred on improving the quality of teaching and learning and raising the attainment levels of Gifted and Talented students. Clare is especially passionate about raising the quality of teaching and learning at Post 16.  She is currently the AST attached to the Sixth Form Partnership Schools Project between Hazeley Academy, St. Pauls Catholic School and The Radcliffe School.  


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