FORMAT: Full day



Denbigh School

Burchard Crescent

Shenley Church End

Milton Keynes



DATE: Friday 26th September 2014


TIMES: 9.30am-3.00pm



£210 per participant

40% Impact Award


SLC code RC 203



2 weeks prior to start date


Refreshments provided

This course will provide you with subject-specific techniques for effective interaction with students and making use of feedback from a range of data sources. It emphasises a move away from mechanistic approaches to levelling students’ work to using assessment as an embedded tool to enhance and promote learning, including ideas that can be taken away and trialled. You will have the opportunity to trial a range of strategies for gathering and using data, to explore the research behind Assessment for Learning (AfL) and support to develop and test your own techniques in the classroom.


You will be able to:


- Trial and develop a range of AfL teaching strategies to promote students’learning in science

- Apply research evidence to inform classroom practice in science

- Design, plan and implement lessons which demonstrate enhanced practice inthe use of AfL

Course Details

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Assessment for Learning in Science

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